As you all know this who have upgraded WordPress CMS to its most recent major release WordPress 5.x, that Gutenberg has replaced the old classic editor. And there is a mixed opinion on it, some are liking it and some actually criticizing it and saying this is the doom of WordPress. A significant number of online businesses and professional blogs are running on WordPress CMS and however good or advanced plugins or themes you are using, the final craft is prepared with the editor. So, it’s the editor you work with most of the time you spend in the backend, and if it confusing you, slowing you down or puts a brake on your productivity… it is not good for your business and should be replaced with the one you are good and familiar with, the Classic Editor.

Yes, you still can use the same old classic editor, but with an added procedure, as it is no more part of the WordPress Core. So, you have to download and activate it like other plugins and you are good to get back to the old way of editing.

Gutenberg editor is the center update in WordPress 5.0. It introduced the blocks or sections in place of simple WYSIWYG editing. You would be already familiar with blocks if you have used several available frontend editors like Visual Composer & Elementor. Gutenberg is said to give a more clean writing environment that provides distraction-free writing to the user. However, this update is backfiring for those who are using the Yoas SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO is a remarkable plugin and has more than 5 Million active installations. When you’re working with a self-hosted WordPress site, the Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most valuable tools you can have. Yoast SEO is one of the most widely popular WordPress plugins.

For Yoast SEO plugin users, the Gutenberg editor turned out as a Nightmare, as they are facing several compatibility issues like disappeared content, messed up SEO settings, images not found, etc.

Not being compatible with such a widely used plugin is definitely a drawback and scaring users away from Gutenberg. Hopefully, WordPress future updates may land with solutions for such issues and Gutenberg editor will be accepted with open arms as were Classic editor.

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