Human Faces Are Magnets On Website

You may have heard that graphics and images on your website are essential to engage visitors and make your site more attractive to them, so they would like to spend more time on your website and will come again.

Graphics tell more than words and if they are real-life pictures, then people will more relate to it and will find your content more interesting. In the ’90s and early 2000 websites are considered as only bare information entities (not every website but many of them) where content is mostly and sometimes only text-based, and there was no visual engagement appears to the user. That time Websites were not global sensation and trending buzz like today’s time. Websites design got advanced over the time when peoples started spending more time online playing live games, watching videos, interacting with other peoples on social media and sharing memories.

Though the proper use of graphics and images play a key role in your Website’s design to make it more visually engaging, researches concluded that humans brain got a tendency to focus more on human faces while watching at or reading to graphical content. Human faces trigger familiarity, familiarity gives us a feeling of comfort and reassurance.

“When we see a face, we are automatically triggered to feel something or to empathize with that person. If we recognize content on a website — such as a problem, dilemma, habit or whatever else — we feel connected and understood.”

~ By: Sabina Idler

By adding human faces to your Website,

  • You can direct visitors attention to different areas of your Website using a cutout picture of a model with the gesture of offering something to them.
  • You can make a sale or discount offer more appealing to a visitor by using a picture of a happy person, group or family.
  • You can make visitors click on the link, by adding a picture of a woman who is pointing over that link.
  • You can make the customers fill contact or application forms by putting smiling business professionals image above or side by that form saying — Get In Touch With Our Team Of Professionals.
  • You can use person face with different emotions to convey your respective thoughts, views or emotions.
  • You can put a real picture of your customer next to their feedback on your Website, which makes their review more real and authentic to the reader.

So, next time when you design, remember that a human face can add an extra touch of trust and appeal to your Website.