WordPress 5.0 – Are you ready?

It’s been more than a decade since peoples started using WordPress as their blogging platform and as a CMS(content management system) for their websites. It went through numerous changes and updates, since the year 2003 when it launched its first version(0.70) on 27th of May which is a fork of b2/cafelog.

As an Open Source project, WordPress has evolved over time by getting support from skilled and experienced developers, designers, and bloggers from all over the world. WordPress released several updates so far, in which users haven’t noticed any vast difference with the previous version.

Although, WordPress always bring significant changes with its every release. For example, WordPress 4.8 brought us widget updates, if you wanted to add images in your sidebar in the past, you were needed to add them manually, as there was no readymade widget for that in the widgets area. Now, there are three new media widgets image, audio, and video files that you can see in widgets area.

However, all the updates you would have seen were pretty incremental. But WordPress 5.0 is expected as a milestone of all the updates.


What’s New in WordPress 5.0?

WordPress is taking a big leap this time and bringing the most advanced version of it. It will be a new experience for its users and developers because this time WordPress is replacing its traditional classic editor with the more dynamic and handy Gutenberg editor.

Some major WordPress 5.0 updates include:

1. Gutenberg editor as your new text editor where you will find blocks to design your page with more interactive elements and responsiveness. You’ll still be able to install the Classic Editor plugin if you want.

2. You can improve the accessibility of the content you write, now that simple ARIA labels can be saved in posts and pages.

3. WordPress 5.0 officially supports the upcoming PHP 7.3 release.

4. Developers can now add translatable strings directly to your JavaScript code, using the new JavaScript language packs.


When is the WordPress 5.0 release date?

The WordPress 5.0 release date has shifted from the 27th Nov 2018 to give more time for the RC to be fully tested. A final release date will be announced soon, based on feedback on the RC.